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Solving Outlook 2010 – “Cannot start Microsoft Outlook cannot open the Outlook Window.”

After removing my Office 2010 CTP version and install the Office 2010 Beta back in November 2010, I encounter the problem of not able to use my Outlook 2010 Beta. I was getting the following popup window: After trying the … Continue reading

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Working with PowerShell Profiles (on 64 bit Computers)

First, we all start using PowerShell immediately without paying attention how PowerShell profiles can help us in our scripting experience. All of the sudden, we got a big number custom build scripts and functions that we are loading manually. Well, … Continue reading

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QUICKBLOG: Loading SharePoint 2010 PowerShell Cmdlets…

From either a Windows 7 64bit PC or 64bit server with SharePoint,  to install the PowerShell Cmdlets for SharePoint 2010 then need to run the "SharePoint Management Shell":   Now, you can start using PowerShell to manage your SharePoint sites. … Continue reading

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QUICKBLOG: Fixing – Can’t debug Script Task using 64bit SSIS…

On our SQL Server 2008 SP1.  This error will come up when debugging a converted SSIS package from 32 bit to 64 bit solution: Warning: Cannot debug script tasks when running under the 64 bit version of the Integration Services … Continue reading

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QUICKBLOG: More Information on PowerShell Versions numbers…

It was a long day and we finally got some useful information about all the different versions of PowerShell. You can use either the $PSVersionTable or long line that possibly accomplished the same result: ([psobject].assembly.getcustomattributes([reflection.assemblyfileversionattribute], $false))[0].version Now, here the list … Continue reading

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QUICKBLOG: Don’t download PowerShell CTP’s , V2 (RTM) is available:

Here’s a version comparison using $PSVersionTable between a CTP3 vs. V2 RTM: Get PowerShell V2 already available at this Microsoft link:

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QuickBlog: Why NOT to remove PowerShell from Windows XP mode virtual machine?

Yes!! As I mention in previous blog…  I DON’T recommend removing PowerShell from Windows XP mode.  You will get a lovely message: And, here’s the consequence for doing it: And this is just after you have removed PowerShell.  Now you … Continue reading

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