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Florida PowerShell User Group built with Kentico CMS for ASP.NET – around the corner

We already registered the domain and we should have it functional by August 2008.  Stay tuned to my Blog for more updates.  The new website is  This site is for both IT Pro and Developers who like to learn … Continue reading

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Orlando ]inBetween[ and first IT Pro Camp Event on June 2008 was a good start…

Its fast as a storm… it came and it took everyone by surprise. Meeting and sharing information with top-notch professionals. Blain Barton and myself we were glad to meet Santos Martinez, Elias Mereb, and many other who where sharing their … Continue reading

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The new Florida PowerShell User Group (FLPSUG) is coming soon:

If everything goes as planned, I’m in process of bring the new website hosted within the next two months (or sooner).  Please stay tuned for more information:

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Tampa 08 – Last Microsoft Heroes Happens Launch (PowerShell)…

Thanks to all who attend the morning IT track with speaker Blain Barton and myself.  To see over 500 IT professional in this session was very exciting.  Well, as I mention at the end of our session, here I’m posting … Continue reading

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PowerShell starters link for beginners…

Here’s some links (of many) that can get you PowerShell skills started. The Channel 9 “The DFO Show”: Powershell Blog: TechNet PowerShell: Windows Servers PowerShell: Keep in mind, PowerShell will be integrated in most upcoming new … Continue reading

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To DOS or to PowerShell… What way should we go??

Well, I was rooting for PowerShell to, in a way, to substitute "DOS prompt".  But, I will have to rethink this again. I’ve been using PowerShell for some time and have left the DOS shell thinking I don’t need it.  … Continue reading

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More Tools for PowerShell…

These tools meant for everyone at any level and will help you feel comfortable working with PowerShell. Go ahead and click on the links below. Be part of the growing movement working with PowerShell. The automatic scripter tool: Scriptomatic PowerShell … Continue reading

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