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So Florida.Net User group presentation: Powershell v2 Remoting features

First, THANKS for everyone who show up to see my presentation and I hope that I have pass some valuable information about Powershell.  Here’s a *ZIP file with my presentation (including my demo psscripts).  Please, keep in mind, the final … Continue reading

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Powershell CTP v2 – Remoting: “Invoke-Expression” consideration…

Powershell Remoting is an excellent feature which can be exploit by everyone. But it has its limitation. At work, I need of building a solution that would automate a manual process for our IT staff. In this case, I had … Continue reading

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SQL Server 2008 Features Require PowerShell

(extracted from ReadmeSQL2008.htm) SQL Server 2008 Setup installs PowerShell 1.0, which is used by the following SQL Server 2008 PowerShell features: the sqlps.exe utility; SQL Server Management Studio Object Explorer right-click menus that launch SQL Server PowerShell scripts; and creating … Continue reading

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